• Load image into Gallery viewer, £15 MYSTERY BOX!
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, £15 MYSTERY BOX!


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A £15 mystery sweet treat box

one drink, wham, dip dab, mentos, slush puppy, warhead (guaranteed one of these)
Sweet items-
500g Pouch, mixed, vegan, choccy, fizz, gummy (minimum one of these)
Sour squeeze gel - brain licker version, slush puppy, (60% chance of getting minimum one of these)
Chew bars - Wham, wham extreme, fresher x 4 flavours, slush puppy bars x2 flavours (minimum one of these)
Food items - gummy burger, gummy hotdotdog, gummy pizza, gummy doughnut (70% chance getting minimum one of these)
Lollipops - Tongue painter, fruity pops, rock lolly (minimum one of these)
Sour sweets - toxic waste, warhead extreme sour candy (50% chance of getting one of these)
mini bubblegums - banana, missile, cola, watermelon, tennis ball, camel balls (minimum one of these)
100g bag of sweet varieties (50% chance of getting these)
Chocolate items - milk chocolate bananas, foam chocolate bananas, icy cups (40% chance of getting these)
Cable - watermelon, blue tongue painter, apple, blackcurrant, marshmallow (50% chance of getting these)

PLEASE NOTE - every mystery box will be different, all items are chosen completely at random, however there may be some duplicates when buying multiples.
* items in box are subject to stock levels *

Indulge in a delicious assortment of candy sweet treats, containing one drink and 11 other treats. The perfect treat if wanting to try out some new goodies or makes a great gifting product!

All individual items will contain their own ingredients lists. All items wrapped separately.